Beige Solar Screen Installation

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This is a beige solar screen installation, and we used the tan frame to outline the beige screen. It’s a beautiful combination. Imagine what it would have looked like had we used the white frame to outline the beige screen. It would have accentuated the white so much. Now the color of the trim of this home isn’t quite white, it’s an off‑beige.

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It’s a real light‑colored beige, so it’s more of a creamy color, which made this work. Had the trim of the home been straight‑up white, stark white, we would not have used this color fabric or this color framing. The customer wanted a light‑colored fabric, and of the two between the stucco and the beige, this beige worked best with the brick of her home.

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We’ve put solar window screens on every window of the home to include the sliding glass doors. You will see here in the sliding glass door that we made a sliding solar screen door as well as a pocket for the sliding solar screen to slide behind. Details of this including pricing can be found on our website.

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