Black Solar Window Screen Installation


This is a black solar window screen installation with white window frames. The windows that open, which are all of the bottom windows that you see here in these pictures, these windows are mounted using our pop‑in installation technique. Meaning the top of the screens are spring‑loaded. They fit into a lip provision at the top of the window and a lip provision at the bottom of the window.

101913a (2)If you look at these windows closely or these pictures of these windows closely, you will see that there are turn clips located at the center of the screens. These are flush turn clips that hold pressure up against the screen to keep the screen from coming out. In situations where we have windows where we feel these full‑sized screens will come out of, we will put these turn clips in as an extra precautionary measure.

101913a (3)If you look above some of these windows, these three windows, you will see there are two quarter‑circle windows, and then there’s a rectangular window. Those quarter‑circle windows count as arches. When you do your worksheet, you need to make sure that you count for two arches.