Vinyl Window Solar Screen Installation

101913h (1)These are pictures of vinyl windows. These are non‑opening vinyl windows. We often get asked about drainage of windows. People think that windows are some complex structures. There’s nothing complex about windows. You got this piece of double pane glass and then you’ve got this outside piece of frame and if you take a look at this vinyl, it’s a vinyl frame in this case, it’s just pressed up against the glass.

101913h (3)

What I did with these pictures is I wanted to show you the big gaps between the framing, the vinyl framing and your glass. There are big gaps there. Now, look at the bottom of the window. You’re going to see a weep hole. That weep hole is there because a window manufacturer knows that water is going to get in there. The water is going to get into these gaps. Then the water find its way out through those weep holes.

We have a Video that shows you how we install our solar screens on to vinyl windows that you can watch.